Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz

Kevin Stukenholtz

Sheriff Stukenholtz began his career in law enforcement with the Nebraska State Patrol in 1977. After more than 27 years with the Patrol, he retired at the rank of Captain in 2004. During his career, he worked in the Drug Unit and served on the SWAT Team (Special Weapons and Tactics). Immediately prior to his retirement, Stukenholtz served as commander of security in the Executive Protection Division providing security for numerous Governors including Governor Kerrey, Governor Orr, and Governor Nelson.

After retiring from the Nebraska State Patrol, Kevin Stukenholtz began working for the Saunders County Sheriff’s Office as an Investigator. In 2007, he was elected Sheriff of Saunders County.

In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Kearney State, Kevin received extensive training with the United States Secret Service and graduated from the DEA’s Drug Unit Commander’s Academy. Stukenholtz is a graduate of the 190th Session of the FBI National Academy. He is active in numerous civil and community projects and is a long-time resident of Wahoo, Nebraska. Sheriff Stukenholtz is married to Judy and has three children.

Chief Deputy Bob Thorson

Bob Thorson

Bob Thorson joined the Saunders County Sheriff’s Department in December of 2005, after retiring from a twenty-nine year career with the Nebraska State Patrol. He was appointed Chief Deputy under Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz in January of 2007.

Thorson held many different positions during his career with the Nebraska State Patrol including an undercover Drug Investigator, a Criminal Investigator, a member of the SWAT Team, a Troop Commander, and a Criminal/Drug Division Major. Immediately prior to his retirement from the Nebraska State Patrol, Thorson was the Assistant Superintendent and held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. During his career, Thorson was stationed in Troop A-Omaha and Headquarters Troop-Lincoln.

He is a licensed polygraph examiner and conducts polygraph examinations for the Sheriff’s Department as part of his duties. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nebraska – Omaha and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy 199th Session.

Thorson is a resident of Saunders County and is married with three grown children.

Brian Styskal, Jail Director

Brian Styskal

Brian Styskal joined the Saunders County Department of Corrections in November of 2008 serving as Security Administrator and holding the rank of Lieutenant. On July 1, 2010, he was promoted to the position of Director.

Director Styskal began his career in the field of Corrections in June of 1994 with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. His time with the Department was spent primarily at the Lincoln Correctional Center where he held the rank of Officer, Corporal, and his last ten years as a Sergeant. In his career with the Department, he spent a brief period at the Department of Corrections Central Office working a security detail, conducting security audits of other state correctional facilities and also served on CERT (Corrections Emergency Response Team) for several years.

Director Styskal is a native of Wahoo and currently resides in Saunders County with his wife and three children.